The UL-File numbers are assigned by the organisation Underwriters Laboratories to inspect products; their main task is to help finding safety norms. It is extremely important to document the fire behaviour of plastics (Yellow-Card) and to categorise it (UL-File-Number).

The most important UL-file-numbers are:


Mylar A: E93687

Hostaphan WN: E53895

Hostaphan RN: E53895

Teonex: E206562

Nomex Typ 410: E34739

Nomex Typ 411: E34739

Nomex Typ E56: E34739

HN: E39505

MT: E39505

Makrofol DE: E41613

Formex: E121855

Ultem: E103380

Ultem WH217: E61257

Valox: E61257

Lexan: E61257

Norton TH (Taimide): E231847

Noryl EFR 0735: E121652, E207780

(Source: Wikipedia, Internet, various technical books)

Since the Dr D Mueller GmbH is an UL recognized repacker the materials do not lose their UL certification during processing.