Viton® is the brand name of the company DuPont Performance Elastomers for their fluororubbers. Viton® is used in the industry as a gasket material with high thermal and chemical resistance, for example as an O-ring gasket for removable flanged joints in the vacuum technology.

Because of the good solubility of Viton in esters and acetones, it is used as a binding material during processing of explosives and in pyrotechnical sets, e.g. MTV (Magnesium/Teflon/Viton).

Viton is always available as high-viscous paste subject to the chain length and of the ratio of the monomer units to each other. The paste softens at about 100°C and then it can be processed with extrusion.

In contrast to other elastomers it is resistant against hydrocarbons for example oil and power fuels, even at higher temperatures and it does not swell up or dissolves.

Viton® is made of fluorine and caoutchouc. The ISO abbreviation is FKM and the DIN-abbreviation is FPM.