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Types of Heart Paper

There are different types of hard paper that are also available under the brand name Pertinax have become known:

Phenolic resin hard paper PF CP 201 (Hp 2061)

This quality has good mechanical strength and electrical properties, which are required in the low-voltage range. Since it can be punched well up to a thickness of 2.5 mm, it is suitable for the production of punched parts in car electrics, but also as a machined mounting plate in control panel construction. This quality is also used in model making.

Heart Paper Type PF CP 202 (Hp 2061.5)

As a type PF CP 202 (Hp 2061.5) Phenolic resin hard paper shows high dielectric strength and has therefore proven itself very well in the high voltage area.

Heart paper PF CP 203 (Hp 2061.6)

PF CP 203 (Hp 2061.6) convinces good dielectric properties and low water absorption.

A well-known brand name for hard paper is Pertinax.

It is possible to combine the material with other materials. A well-known material is, for example, rubber hard paper, which is used to seal capacitors and other components.

Many electrical engineers have known the Pertinax material for a long time and also like to use Pertinax when it comes to solving insulation tasks. For example, Pertinax is used as an air gap in transformer construction. But Pertinax is also popular in model construction when it comes to building holding plates or the like.

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH manufactures a variety of products from Pertinax.

Pertinax Heart Paper
Pertinax Heart Paper