Brands of polyester films: Mylar, Hostaphan, Melinex, Garware, Lumirror

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Brands of polyester films: Mylar, Hostaphan, Melinex, Garware, Lumirror

Polyester films are a widely used material in the industry. There are a large number of producers who produce a wide range of products. For example, transparent films, but also milky-white to white films are widely used. Matt as well as opaque polyester films are offered and black polyester films are also produced. With certain quantities it is also possible to produce other colours. For this purpose, raw materials dyed in the raw material are used. Such dyed polyester films are mainly used in the food industry. Sealable polyester films are also used in the food industry.

Other special types are UV-stabilised and flame-retardant films. Polyester films are produced in a thickness range from 8 µm to 500 µm. The material is available in widths of up to 8 m, cut strips can be produced from 1.2 mm, depending on the thickness.

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH is engaged in the following polyester film brands:

Mylar polyester film

Mylar is a transparent, flexible polyester film based on polyethylene terephthalate. This film appears milky cloudy with increasing material thickness. DuPont Teijin Films produces these films in Luxembourg and elsewhere, and Mylar has excellent resistance to moisture and common solvents. It can be used at temperatures from -70 °C to 150 °C. As it does not contain any plasticizers, it does not become brittle when aged under normal conditions.

We supply the following Mylar PET films:

Mylar A: Standard version of Mylar PET films with balanced mechanical, electrical and chemical properties
Mylar ADS: low shrinkage version of the Mylar A films. Greater dimensional stability up to 150°C temperature application.
Mylar C: mechanically stable version with excellent electrical properties for capacitor manufacturers.
Mylar D: good coatability and metallizability with a slightly matt surface for optimum unwinding properties.
Mylar HS: shrinkable polyester film for insulation and packaging purposes (FDA approval available). Use for insulation caps.
Mylar OL: Mylar films with additional finish (heat-activated PET layer)

Hostaphan polyester films

Hostaphan is a polyester film produced by the Mitsubishi company in Germany. The films of interest for our sector are the types Hostaphan RN and Hostaphan WN. Hostaphan polyester films have extremely good properties in terms of mechanical stability, electrical strength, abrasion and temperature resistance. Excellent mechanical strength and high dimensional stability are further positive features. These polyester films are equipped on one or both sides with an adhesion promoter for water-soluble prints and coatings.

The following Hostaphan types are available:

Hostaphan WN: white, translucent film with balanced mechanical, electrical and chemical properties
Hostaphan RN: Standard polyester film from Mitsubishi
Hostaphan WO: white, opaque film especially for the printing industry
Hostaphan BHO: black, opaque film for optical applications
Hostaphan RF: a flame retardant 50µm PET film (UL94 or B1)
Hostaphan RUF: a flame retardant and UV resistant film (19µm)
Hostaphan RUV: especially UV-stable film

Melinex polyester films

Melinex is a flexible, white polyester film with matt surfaces, which is offered by DuPont Teijin Films with a relative temperature index of 140°C and a mechanical RTI of 130°C. It also has a better ageing behaviour compared to standard polyester films, which have a higher oligomer content.

We process the Melinex polyester films:

Melinex 516: a highly clear polyester film that is pretreated on both sides to combine good handling properties with high clarity and brilliance.
Melinex ST506: crystal clear, high-gloss, heat-stabilised polyester film. The film is pretreated on both sides for improved adhesion. It can be printed with a variety of solvent-based graphic inks and lacquers, silver conductive and dielectric inks.
Melinex 1311: is a clear polyester film with antistatic properties on both surfaces for improved handling and safety.
Melinex WCW: is a translucent white polyester film with a rough surface for superior handling properties.

Garware polyester films

Garware is an Indian producer of polyester film, which also produces a wide range of polyester film:

Garware EM6 milky white: Standard polyester film for a wide range of applications, especially in the electrical and electronics industry.
Garware EM6 LO: milky white polyester film with a low oligomer content, used in the manufacture of refrigeration compressors.
Garware EM: clear polyester film for various applications

Lumirror polyester films

Lumirror is a multifunctional high-performance film developed using Toray’s advanced technologies. It is used for numerous applications in the IT sector as an industrial material (for applications such as flat panel displays, as a liquid crystal material and as a process interface) and as a magnetic material (for products such as computer data storage and DVC cartridges, etc.). Lumirror is also widely used as a packaging material.

Lumirror 40.01: crystal clear polyester film available in the following thicknesses: 23, 36, 50, 71, 96, 125, 175 µm
Lumirror 45.11: crystal clear polyester film with antistatic treatment on both sides, available in the following thicknesses: 96, 125, 165 µm
Lumirror 60.01: colorless, transparent polyester film available in the following thicknesses: 125, 190, 250, 300 µm
Lumirror 60.61: milky white polyester film available in the following thicknesses: 50, 75, 125, 190, 250, 300 µm

Die cutting of PET-films

These polyester films and other materials are available to Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH to cover the variety of applications for stamped parts. An extensive machine park with flatbed and rotary die-cutting machines provides the basis for realizing orders from small quantities to large series with several million copies.

How should the stamped parts be delivered? Various options are available for this: The die-cut parts made of polyester film can be delivered on rolls with self-adhesive finish or optionally non-adhesive on rolls. Also the options as self-adhesive single part or non-adhesive single part are possible, as well as loosely poured die-cut parts or magazined single parts.

Are you looking for a competent partner for die cutting? Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH will not only help you with the product selection, but can also work with you to find solutions for your own combination of coating and film if a special material is not yet available. From material procurement and coating to cutting and punching, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH covers the entire vertical range of punching production. The company also finds optimum solutions in terms of logistics when supplying the punched parts for you.

Stamped parts are regularly used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive industry, medical technology and the electronics industry.

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