New service for cut insulation material

New service for slit insulation material

New service for cut insulation material

Ahlhorn | 13.09.2011

Cut sheet insulation material is used in almost all automated manufacturing processes in the production of electric motors, generators and transformers. The required widths and lengths are cut according to customer specifications.

At the customer’s request, we will set a marker shortly before the end of the film roll to inform the machine operator of the next end and to announce the approaching roll change. This service is available for all roll materials/sheet insulation materials, such as Nomex®, NMN®, DMD®, NKN®, Mylar®, Hostaphan®, NKN®, Norton TH®, as ArpaxX®.

The marking takes place after a specified distance at the end of the roll. Colored adhesive tapes or labels are used for this.

Please speak to your sales advisor to receive an offer tailored to your needs.

We would also be happy to advise you when it comes to selecting suitable sensors for detecting the end of the roll.

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