Nomex 418

Stanz- und Formteile auch aus Nomex 418

Nomex 418

Ahlhorn | 09.02.2012

In addition to stampings and moulded parts made of the standard material Nomex 410, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH also produces insulating parts made of Nomex 418.

Nomex type 418 is a calendered special type with an addition of mica platelets. This addition of mica results in a higher voltage and partial discharge resistance and makes the material an outstanding material for applications as slot insulation, deck slider and layer insulation in motors in the medium voltage range. Increasingly, the material is also used in the insulation of wind generators.

The material is supplied in original rolls with a width of 914 mm, cut into narrow rolls and as punched and formed parts.

The following thicknesses are available from stock: 0.13 mm, 0, 20 mm and 0.25 mm.

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