PEEK in medical technology


PEEK in medical technology

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH, 16 December 2019

The term PEEK is used to describe plastics with outstanding thermoplastic properties that are increasingly being used in medical technology, e.g. in dentistry.

Ahlhorn, 16.12.2019 – Polyetheretherketone for medical applications

Plastics are among the materials most processed by industry. The use of technically highly developed plastics is particularly interesting in medical technology. Polyetheretherketone – PEEK for short – is a special plastic developed by the space industry. The areas of application for this modern material in industry and science are manifold. Especially in the medical field new application possibilities are opening up. This is because this lightweight and easy to process plastic can be used to replace other materials.

Properties of PEEK

This material has interesting properties, especially for medical technology, which make it easy and uncomplicated to use. The material is characterized by low weight, easy processing and high resistance. Due to the low wear and tear Peek is characterized by a special longevity.

The plastic can be easily processed mechanically. Processing by injection moulding is also possible. Individual products can be manufactured in 3-D printing. PEEK is therefore ideally suited for use in medical technology. The application possibilities for modern plastics in medical technology are continuously increasing.

PEEK in dentistry

In dentistry PEEK is used for the production of crowns and inlays. The thermoplastic material is easy to mould and can be precisely adapted. Dentistry makes sure that the materials cause as little stress as possible to the patient. PEEK is particularly suitable here. Because the material does not cause any allergies. Furthermore, the material is resistant to radiation, so that radiological treatments and examinations are possible without any problems.

The weight is very low in comparison to conventional dentures. Further characteristics are the easy formability and the low weight. The material can be easily shaped mechanically or thermoplastically. Therefore PEEK is often used in orthopaedics and surgery as well as in neurology.

The various applications of PEEK in medical technology can be demonstrated very well by the example of dentistry. The modern plastic is used for the production of crowns, bridges and inlays. The plastic can be processed easily and accurately to fit individual needs.
Processing of Peek

The processing in injection moulding or with the help of the 3-D pressure process promise the highest fitting accuracy. In addition, PEEK is particularly resistant to pressure and can therefore be used particularly well in the dental field. The material does not cause any allergies and impresses with its low weight. For the patients the stress caused by the material is extremely low.

Plastic is used and processed more and more as a material in medical technology. The plastic house offers PEEK for processing in medical technology in the form of plates and rods. The size and shape are individually tailored.

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