Pokalon still available


Pokalon still available

Pokalon, which was offered in the past by the company Lofo High Tech Films GmbH, will be available in the future from Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH.

The material Pokalon, which was offered by Lofo High Tech Films GmbH in the past, will be available from Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH in the future.
POKALON® is made of polycarbonate (PC). For some special types, PC with particularly high heat resistance is used. The product portfolio includes unstretched films with a thickness range from 6 mm to 125 mm, other thicknesses can be offered on request.


POKALON has high stiffness and strength and is impact resistant over a wide temperature range. The film has a very high tear and tear propagation resistance and is break and splinter resistant. POKALON has very good thermoforming properties.


POKALON films are available with a glossy, one-sided or double-sided matt surface structure. The glossy versions are highly transparent and have a high optical purity (free of specks and gels) and low birefringence.


The dielectric loss factor of POKALON is low and shows a low temperature dependence like the dielectric constant (relative permittivity). The insulating properties are very good even at higher temperatures, and the dielectric strength of the thin films is excellent. Due to the very low moisture absorption, the electrical properties are hardly influenced by the moisture content of the material.


POKALON is resistant to oils, fats, petrol, aliphatic hydrocarbons and most alcohols. POKALON is not resistant to chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, aromatic solvents and bases. In these substances the film is attacked or dissolves.

water absorption of Pokalon

Due to the very low moisture absorption of about 0.2 %, the film remains dimensionally stable, so that the film properties are hardly affected.

further processing of Pokalon

POKALON can be easily bonded with the help of selected solvents, solvent-based and dispersion adhesives, as well as by the hot melt process. Welding is possible with the heat impulse method, ultrasound or high frequency, among others.

PRINTING and coating of Pokalon

POKALON can be printed with many printing methods. The film can be easily written on with dissolving pens and inks. The matt side of the film is eraser and smudge-proof. The film can be coated with common high vacuum processes.

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