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Pro light sound 2013

Frankfurt | 10.04.2013

With 41,000 visitors and 876 exhibitors from 41 nations, prolight+sound 2012 has reached the record results of the previous year.
The world’s biggest international trade fair for events, installations and productions will take place in Frankfurt from 10 to 13 April 2013.
Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH supplies adhesive tapes, colour filter films and diffuser films for event technology.

As an international trade fair for technologies and services for events, installation and production, Prolight + Sound brings together the biggest meeting place for the sector.

Prolight + Sound 2013 will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 13 April.

Comprehensive overview of products and services

Like no other fair, Prolight + Sound provides a comprehensive overview of all products and services in the event sector. For four days, the leading international fair is the meeting place for exhibitors, trade visitors, dealers and professional users from all over the world. Its international character and comprehensive range of products and services are the factors behind the success of this fair.

Prolight + Sound is characterised by a high level of participation by international exhibitors and visitors. Trade visitors, who include operators of event locations, planners, dealers, sound experts, lighting designers, stage designers, studio technicians, event service providers and exhibition stand constructors, find out about the latest technical developments, products and comprehensive services at Prolight + Sound.

The various products and services are divided into the following product groups: audio technology, lighting technology, communication technology, theatre and stage technology, media technology, image communication and system integration.

Visitors will find the area of sound reinforcement (portable sound, concert sound, installed sound, microphones; networks, production and broadcast) in Halls 8 and 9.1.

Exhibitors from the lighting and stage sector will present their products to visitors in Hall 11.0 (show and stage lighting, contract furnishing, lasers and effects) and in Halls 9.0 and 9.1 (theatre, studio and stage lighting; display, video, stages and trusses).

The Audio section (microphones, mobile sound systems) is located in Halls 8 and 9.1.

Prolight + Sound and Musikmesse – the ideal complement
Prolight + Sound is held in conjunction with Musikmesse, the International Fair for Musical Instruments and Sheet Music, Music Production and Marketing. The comprehensive range of products and services to be seen at Prolight + Sound is supplemented and extended by the products of the musical-instrument sector presented at Musikmesse. The fact that the two fairs are held at the same time offers exhibitors and trade visitors a variety of synergy effects.

Prolight + Sound 2013 with new hall layout

Prolight + Sound Conference brings together information events under one roof

From 10 to 13 April 2013, Prolight + Sound will present all the important products and services from the fields of event technology, production and broadcasting, systems integration and audio-visual media technology. Prolight + Sound is the international meeting place for exhibitors, dealers, trade visitors and professional users from all over the world. The comprehensive range of products and services to be seen at the fair and the internationality of exhibitors and visitors make Prolight + Sound the biggest and most important fair in its sector.

Product areas and hall occupancy

In 2013, Prolight + Sound will take place with a different hall layout. The product groups are divided up as follows:

Hall 8.0 Audio and sound reinforcement

Portable sound, concert sound, installed sound, microphones, networks, production and broadcast, mobile sound reinforcement and accessories

Hall 9.0 Light and stage

theatre, studio and stage lighting, stages and trusses, display, video

Hall 9.1 Light and Sound, International Sourcing

(New) Theatre, studio, show and stage lighting, stages and trusses, display, video, portable sound, concert sound, installed sound, microphones, networks, production and broadcast, accessories

Hall 11.0 Light and effects

Show and stage lighting, object furnishing, laser and effects, trusses

Galleria 0+1 Publishers, associations, service providers

German joint stand for young, innovative companies

The newly occupied Hall 9.1 presents exhibitors from all trades, with the focus on Asian manufacturers.

Prolight + Sound Conference

The information and training events at Prolight + Sound will be newly bundled together under the name Prolight + Sound Conference in 2013. This is divided into the Event Engineering, Mediasystems and VDT Academy segments. The Prolight + Sound Conference will be held in Hall 9.1 and Hall 9.T Cosmopolitan Lounge. With lectures and presentations, speakers in the field of media technology will pass on their practical knowledge and present product solutions and services from the fields of AV media technology and systems integration. In the field of event technology, speakers will provide information on security in the event industry, legal framework conditions, regulations and training opportunities. The VDT Academy is the information event of the Association of German Sound Engineers.

Event Plaza

The Eventplaza is a three-day conference with accompanying trade exhibition, which conveys trends and strategies, know-how, ideas and impulses from speakers from the field. The Eventplaza Conference is the information event of the event management industry. Within the framework of the Eventplaza Conference, the 1st International Safety Conference (I-ESC) will take place on the first day. The speakers will give presentations on innovations in the areas of fire protection, building regulations, escape situations, technical safety or safety concepts for trade fairs. The I-ESC will take place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Portalhaus of Messe Frankfurt. Exhibitors in this area are located both in the halls and in a separate area in the foyer of Hall 11.0 and are listed in a special Quickfinder, which is available to visitors during Prolight + Sound. The Eventplaza Conference will take place in Hall 11.0, in Room Granat.

System integration and AV media technology

The trades of system integration and AV media technology are presented integrated in all halls of Prolight + Sound. Exhibitors in the Media Systems product area are listed in the “Media Systems Quickfinder” brochure, which serves as a guide during the fair. The information events held during the Prolight + Sound Conference are linked to this section in terms of content.

Outdoor area

The Concert Sound Arena and the Portable Sound Arena on the open-air exhibition grounds of the trade fair showcase both large stage constructions in ideal form and large and small sound reinforcement systems under real conditions. Another growing area is the presentation of manufacturers of large portable display systems, mobile stages and tent systems, which can also be found on the open-air grounds.

Award ceremonies and business meeting

During Prolight + Sound, the two industry awards “Opus – German Stage Prize” and “Sinus – Systems Integration Award” are presented. Opus honours artistically outstanding stage productions. Sinus honours the creative use of AV media technology in buildings and systems. It will be awarded for the tenth time in 2013.

Thanks to the fact that the fair is held at the same time as Musikmesse, exhibitors can make perfect use of the existing synergies between the two sectors. Here, there are a number of intersections with the musical-instrument sector and the demands made on end customers. Thanks to the close proximity of the two events and their halls, the studio technology and broadcast segment is comprehensively represented beyond the fluid boundaries between end customers and professional users. The exhibitors in these areas are highlighted in the exhibitor search on the website. In addition, the “Production Broadcast Recording Quickfinder” brochure will be published for the trade fair, which clearly presents all exhibitors in this area.

Prolight + Sound’s partners are the professional associations VPLT (Association for Professional Lighting and Sound Technology) and EVVC (European Association of Event Centres).

Prolight + Sound is the biggest international trade fair for technologies and services for events, installation and production. At the 2012 event, 878 exhibitors from 41 countries presented their products and services to around 41,000 visitors. The international Musikmesse is held in parallel and is an ideal complement to the fair. The Prolight + Sound ticket also entitles the holder to visit the Musikmesse. The admission price includes 2nd class public transport within the area covered by the RMV public transport authority. Admission tickets can be purchased directly via Online Ticketing and printed out on your PC at home.

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