Cutting flexible materials

Cutting of fexible materials
Cutting of fexible materials
Cutting of fexible materials

Cutting various materials

We cut electrical insulation materials, heat conducting materials, sealing materials and technical foils in widths from 3 mm.

We use cores with a diameter of 30, 50, 76 and 152 mm.

The maximum outside diameter of our cut rolls is 1000 mm. On request, we can also produce cross-wound bobbins for you.

Feathered ribbons

For the manufacture of small transformers, we produce feathered strips made of polyester film, PEN film and polyimide film. We also use thin Nomex paper, DMD laminate and NMN laminate to produce feathered ribbons.

You can get feathered ribbons from us with a feather depth of 1 to 40 mm We manufacture feathered ribbons in widths of up to 450 mm.

Cutting also in wages

We also cut provided materials on a contract basis.

Since the Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH is recognized as a UL recognized repackager, the materials processed by us do not lose their UL approval.

Daten der Mutter-/Stammrollen

Roll width

50 – 2500 mm

Ro. Outside diameter

up to 1700 mm

Roll weight

up to 2000 kg

Core inside diameter

30-500 mm

Material thickness

19 bus 3000 my

Daten der Fertigrollen

Cutting width

3 to 2500 mm

Cutting accuracy

+- 0,1 to 0,3 mm

Ro. Outside diameter

up to 1000 mm

Inner core diameter

30-50-70-76-152 mm

Single roll weight

up to 1000 kg