Wrapping tapes

Our wrapping tapes, which are used for taping, wrapping and insulating components in electrical engineering, can be supplied in different versions.

The most common application is the bandaging of winding heads in electric motors and generators. In addition, wrapping tapes are used to fix components in electric motors and transformers.

We supply shrinkable and non-shrinkable polyester tapes. Among other things, the shrinkage of the winding tape SP 61610 can increase the packing density of the winding of transformers, chokes and coils during hardening.

The glass fibers in our product SP 61620 are suitable, for example, for very high temperatures. The product is chemical-resistant and inelastic. The fiberglass tape is characterized by its extraordinarily high tear resistance and can be exposed to a permanent temperature of 450 ° C without loss of strength. It is used in systems of insulation class H.

Our RT tape in various widths is the standard product for tying spools and winding heads.

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