NMN – Laminate

  • Insulation class F (up to 155 ° C); NKN H (up to 180 ° C)
  • Three-layer insulation made of polyester or foil with Nomex layer applied on both sides
  • very good chemical resistance to solvents
  • high specific volume resistance
  • high dielectric strength
  • also as two- or four-layer material
  • Basis weights can be found in the data sheet

brands available from us:

Flexiso®, Isonom®, Trivoltherm N®, Triflexil NMN®

NMN-flexible Laminate

The flexible laminate NMN – (Nomex-Mylar-Nomex) – is made from a polyester film that is coated on both sides with Nomex-Meta-Aramid paper.

The polyester film offers good electrical insulation, while Nomex® offers excellent tear resistance, resin absorption and thermal insulation.

Four families are defined depending on the thickness of the paper layer laminated with Nomex:

NMN-Laminate with 50 Micrometer Nomex

The common and most commonly used family is 50 microns thick.

NMN-Laminate mit 80 Mikrometer Nomex

For demanding applications that require an increase in the thermal insulation layer, 80 µ Nomex are used.

NMN-Laminate with 130 Micrometer Nomex

130 µ Nomex are used for the most demanding applications.

And finally, for less intensive applications where top-notch performance can be achieved with absolute certainty from layers of Nomex paper as thin as 37 microns.

Dr. Müller as the contact person for NMN parts

When it comes to NMN, we are the right contact. You can use NMN in rolls, sheets, or in machined parts (Cover slide, Nutisolation, Insulating part) buy from us.
We carry NMN in different strengths. We have NMN panels up to a thickness of 1.4 mm in stock. We also have rolled goods from a thickness of 0.09 mm in stock.

Adhesive tapes from NMN

NMN is also supplied in self-adhesive form, e.g. as adhesive tape. These can be equipped with different adhesive systems.

NMN in the delivery form stamped parts

NMN is processed in large quantities in the production process of stamping into insulating parts, seals and washers.

Laser processing from NMN

The laser processing of NMN can be done with either a 10.6 µm or a 9.3 µm CO2 laser.

Laser cutting NMN with a CO2 laser creates a clean cut with minimal discoloration.

Laser marking insulating paper with a CO2 laser produces a non-removable surface marking with no depth, which, depending on the material being processed, can be either lighter or darker.

The laser engraving by NMN brings, depending on the processed material, both depth and contrast and is limited to the material thickness.

Applicable laser machining methods for NMN

NMN adjustments

For samples, you can receive small sections from NMN from us free of charge. We carry out larger NMN samples for a fee, then credit you with this NMN later when you buy NMN parts from us.

NMN data sheets

You can download data sheets for the material NMN by clicking on the PDF symbols. Here you can find the characteristics of the material, such as the temperature resistance or the chemical resistance as well as the dielectric strength.

Technical application advice for NMN

If you need data on the NMN that you cannot find in the data sheets, our application engineering team will be happy to advise you.

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