Vulcanized fiber - sheets, strips, rolls, stamped parts

Manufacture of vulcanized fiber

Vulcanized fiber is one of the oldest plastics. Vulcanized fiber is an insulating material that is produced through a special chemical treatment of unsized paper.

Use of vulcanized fiber

The material vulcanized fiber is characterized by good electrical insulation and high rigidity. Vulcanized fiber is often used as an end star in electric motors and as an insulating material in spark extinguishing chambers. Vulcanized fiber is used as a slot seal in the manufacture of anchors. Vulcanized fiber is used as strain relief in luminaire production. Vulcanized fiber can also be used as a sealing material. Rods and threaded rods made of vulcanized fiber are used in the manufacture of transformers.

Modern application examples include:

  • Backing material for abrasives on substrates (e.g. grinding wheels)
  • Deep-drawn molded parts (e.g. case shells, welding masks)
  • Release film for the production of polyester laminates
  • Carrier for continuous laminates
  • arrier for plastic decorations based on melamine resin
  • Support layer for real wood veneers and deep-drawn surfaces
  • Knife handles for sports and collector’s knives
  • Osmotic Membranes
  • Roller covering in spinning mills
  • Top and bottom of bobbins in pickups for electric guitar and electric bass

Vulcanized fiber resistances

Vulcanized fiber is resistant to oil, alcohol and gasoline.

Properties of vulcanized fiber

Vulcanized fiber is characterized by the following properties:

  • high mechanical strength
  • relatively light weight
  • good electrical insulation
  • spark-extinguishing
  • burning heavily
  • antistatic
  • insensitive to oils, fats, diluted acids, and alkalis
  • high stability
  • good elasticity
  • good sliding properties (e.g. slide rails for drawers)
  • good processability (punching, cutting, shaping)
  • pleasant, warm feel

Vulcanized fiber colors

Vulcanized fiber is available in the following colors:

  • red (is the standard color)
  • braun
  • degree
  • black
  • White

In addition, vulcanized fiber can be painted in different colors.

Vulcanized fiber delivery forms: sheets, foils, rods

Vulcanized fiber is manufactured in rolls and sheets.

Vulcanized fiber sheets

Vulcanized fiber sheets are then processed into strips, blanks and punched parts. Vulcanized fiber is also supplied in the form of tubes and rods. Vulcanized fiber rods are processed into vulcanized fiber threaded rods.

Vulcanized fiber adhesive tapes

Vulcanized fiber is also supplied in self-adhesive form, e.g. as adhesive tape. These can be equipped with different adhesive systems.

Vulcanized fiber in the delivery form stamped parts

Vulcanized fiber is processed into seals and washers in large quantities in the stamping process. We also manufacture Mass stamping parts.

Laser processing of vulcanized fiber

The laser processing of vulcanized fiber can be done with either a 10.6 µm or a 9.3 µm CO2 laser.

Laser cutting vulcanized fiber with a CO2 laser creates a clean cut with minimal discoloration.

Laser marking insulating paper with a CO2 laser produces a non-removable surface marking with no depth, which, depending on the material being processed, can be either lighter or darker.

The laser engraving of vulcanized fiber brings, depending on the processed material, both depth and contrast and is limited to the material thickness.

Applicable laser processing methods for vulcanized fiber

  • Laser cutting
  • Laser marking
  • laser engraving

Dr. Müller as a contact for vulcanized fiber parts

When it comes to vulcanized fiber, we are the right contact. You can buy vulcanized fiber in sheets, tubes, rods or in machined parts from us.

We carry vulcanized fiber in different strengths. We have vulcanized fiber sheets up to a thickness of 50 mm in stock. We also have rolled goods from a thickness of 0.25 mm in stock.

Vulcanized fiber samples

You can receive small sections of vulcanized fiber from us free of charge for sampling. We carry out larger vulcanized fiber samples for a fee, then credit you with this vulcanized fiber later when you buy vulcanized fiber parts from us.

Vulcanized fiber datasheets

You can download data sheets for the material vulcanized fiber by clicking on the PDF symbols. Here you can find the characteristics of the material, such as the temperature resistance or the chemical resistance as well as the dielectric strength.

Technical application advice for vulcanized fiber

If you need data on vulcanized fiber that you cannot find in the data sheets, our application engineering team will be happy to advise you.

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