Bobbins for the electrical industry


Use of the bobbin

Coils are used in the production of inductive components such as transformers, chokes, coils and antennas. Bobbins are made from various plastics.

Material for bobbins

Injection molding technology is used as the production technology. A polyamide is often used as the material; PET and PBT are also used. Fiberglass is often used as a reinforcement material.

We can deliver from PEEK or PPS bobbins.

Small numbers of bobbins

If smaller numbers of bobbins are required, the bobbins are assembled from punched or milled parts from Rigidiso.

Spool formers in 3D printing

We also manufacture and design coil bobbins for 3D printing.

Accessories for bobbins

In addition to the actual coil body, we also supply accessories such as coil side insulation, bandages and dogbones. All articles are also available in UL-approved design.

Delivery program for bobbins

We represent the company Cierre Isolanti Elettrici from Italy. The Cierre company has a long tradition in the manufacture of bobbins.

The following bobbins are part of our delivery program, but we cannot list all available bobbins here, as there is a very large number of tools.

Please ask if you cannot find your bobbin.