Products & Materials

Our company offers a wide range of flexible electrical insulation materials for the construction of electric machines, transformers and generators. These products can also be used within medical technology and the manufacturing of lights and lamps.
Our prepregs (preimpregnated fibres) are considered a worlwide benchmark. They are mainly used in the manufacturing of electronic machines, transformers and generators, to function as a consolidation for windings and as bonding.
As most people already know from their household: Adhesive tape doesn´t equal adhesive tape. Certainly not in the field of technology. Our adhesive tapes fullfil high requirement standards. They simply have to, because they are designed for the construction of electric machines, transformers and generators.
Fibre composites play an important role in manufacturing from electro motors and transformators, as well as in the area of power generation and distribution. In our assortment you can find pressboard materials for every possible field of application. Our products are used in the field of engineering and traffic technology.
Even most people may have a positive association with warm – in the field of technology heat is not always desired. In our assortement you find a wide range or thermally conductive products for the electro- and electronic industry – so the heat goes where you want it to go.
These films are just a few up to hundreds µ m thick, and are indeed high-tech wonders. As allrounders our technical films can be used for industrial and EMV-applications.
We don´t like leak corners either. So things will remain consistent our product assortment offers many different types of gaskets.Here you find gaskets for every conceivable field of application. The application possibilities range from machine- and plant construction, through automobile suppliers to food- and pharma industry.
Mica is the term for a group of minerals which offer excellent cleavability. Our mica products offer outstanding thermal and electrical properties, by which means they are predestined as insulation material within electrical engineering.
We offer you the Various Products to fiber glass tubing, shrink tubing, nut locking bars, dogbones, corner profiles, wrapping tapes, cable ties. Used mainly in the electrical machinery, transformers and generators.

Material Highlight of the month

Material Highlight of the month

Our Material Highlight of the month is our product Thermigrease TG 20033. This material features excellent thermally conductive properties and also has an extensive temperature range of application.

This product was developed originally by Dr. D. Muller Gmbh in order to assist one of our customers within the chemical industry to dissipate heat, resulting in increased customer product efficiency.


Product Highlight of the month

Our Product Highlight of the month is a Membrane, which we have manufactured with our new 3D forming technology.

This product is used in the Medical Industry.