Special laminates
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Special laminates

On the following pages you can find information about the different types of materials processed by us.

A speciality of our company is the wide rang of materials we work with.

EDP-administrated, there are currently more than 850 different materials in the range of electrical insulting materials, thermally conductive products, gaskets and technical foil in order to be processed for your products.

We work exclusively with certified suppliers.

If you are interested in the data sheets, please go on the Download section, where you can download and read many of our data sheets.

If you cannot find the data sheet you are looking for, please send us a message, so we can send you the requested information.

Current material information

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH, Ahlhorn, is now offering a new complete delivery program for Release Films.

The release films with the serial number Order “FM 52 (…)” are suitable for a variety of applications, particularly in the chemical and solar industries, the construction of transformers and generators and in the manufacture of GRP and carbon fibre parts for optimal separation of respective forms and separation plates.

We offer both transparent and white and blue films, depending on the area of application. Other colours are available on request.

Data Sheets are available from us on request by email or fax and can also be downloaded from our website.

Further materials

We also process the materials of other manufacturers. If you have any requirements regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us.