Die-cut parts

The stamping manufacture is one of the greater product sectors of the Dr D. Mueller GmbH.

Die-cut parts can be manufactured according to samples or drawings. They can also be manufactured one- or both-sided adhesive.

Delivery forms of die-cut parts

Die-cut parts are delivered loose filled, stored as well as on rolls. If die-cut parts are loose filled, they are mainly welded in PE bags and then they are packed in boxes. Die-cut parts are packaged in bags to protect them against moisture and dirt. Loose filled die-cut parts are often combined with vibrating conveyors during manufacture.

Die-cut parts in stores

All die-cut parts can be stored. In this case the die-cut parts are packaged in special produced stores, so that they can be processed automatically in the production plants of our customers. Stored Die-cut parts can also be welded in PE film. The stores with the die-cut parts are packaged in boxes.

Die-cut parts on rolls

In addition to that die-cut parts can be delivered on rolls. These die-cut parts can be loaded automatically. Die-cut parts on rolls can be delivered adhesive or non-adhesive. These die-cut parts are also packaged in PE bags. The rolls of the die-cut parts are shipped in boxes.

Tooling technology for die-cut parts

We manufacture die-cut parts with three different tooling technologies. Steel rule die-cutting is used for the manufacture of die-cut parts up to 50,000 parts. Bigger quantities are mainly manufactured with solid tools. Die-cut parts which are delivered on rolls are mainly manufactured with rotation tools. Mass die-cut parts are only manufactured with compound dies. These tools for die-cut parts are maintained by our company.

Subcontract work of films
We also provide this service as subcontract work.

Materials for die-cut parts

Nearly all materials can be stamped. You can buy the material or the finished part directly at our company.

The Dr D. Mueller GmbH offers the following stamping techniques:
– Rotary die-cutting
– Stroke die-cutting
– Large-area die-cutting