Products & materials

Our company offers you a wide range of flexible options Electrical insulation materials are bold for electrical machines, transformers, and generators. These products are also used in the lighting and lamp industry as well as in medical technology.
Our Prepregs (pre-impregnated fibers) are a benchmark for quality worldwide. They are mainly used in the construction of electrical machines, transformers and generators, where they serve to solidify and bond the windings.
Everyone already knows from the household: Not all tape is the same. And certainly not in technology. Our Adhesive tapes meet the highest demands. And they have to, as they were designed for the manufacture of electrical machines, transformers, and generators. Further areas of application for the special adhesive tapes are the printed circuit board industry and electronics.
Fiber composites play an important role in the construction of electric motors and transformers as well as in the generation and distribution of energy. You will find suitable ones in our range Laminatesfor every imaginable area of ​​application. Our products are also used in mechanical engineering and traffic engineering.
Even if most people associate warmth with positive associations, it is not always desirable in technology. You will find a wide range of products in our range Thermal interface products bold a for the electrical and electronics industry – so that the energy is diverted to exactly where you want it.
They are only a few to a few hundred µ thick and are real high-tech wonders: our technical foils. The all-rounders are suitable for both industrial and EMC applications. They are used as a separating medium in a wide variety of technical areas and also in reprography.
We don’t like leaks either. Our wide range of products ensures that everything stays tight Sealing materials. Here you will find something for every imaginable area of ​​application. The possible uses range from mechanical and plant engineering to the automotive supply industry to the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Mica is a group of minerals that has excellent cleavage properties. Our Mica products have excellent thermal and electrical properties, which makes them ideal as insulating materials in electrical engineering.
There are no problems for us, only those right solutions. Our glass fiber and shrink tubing, slot connecting rods, dogbones, corner profiles, wrapping tapes and cable ties have been specially developed for the wide range of applications in electrical machine, transformer and generator construction.

Material highlight of the month

Our material highlight of the month is our product Thermigrease TG 20033, which has excellent thermal conductivity properties and a very high-temperature range.

This product was developed at the request of one of our customers in the chemical industry, who uses this product to better dissipate the heat generated in a process.

Product highlight of the month

Our product highlight of the month is a membrane that we have produced with our new 3D deformation technology.

This product is used in medical technology.