Polyimide Tapes

Applications of polyimide adhesive tapes

Polyimide film | Apical | Norton TH | Flexiso adhesive tapes are used for covering surfaces in processes where high temperature resistance is required (e.g. powder coating).They are used especially in the following areas:

  • Masking of printed circuit boards
  • Covering of connector strips (gold edge)
  • Use in soldering processes in the electrical industry
  • Use in the high temperature range
  • Masking during powder coating
  • Insulation of windings in electric motor construction
  • Print bed foil in 3D printing

The self-adhesive polyimide film is dimensionally stable over a wide temperature range and is used in the electronics and printed circuit board industries, among others.

We can supply you with various self-adhesive polyimide tapes. Also as antistatic version or with acrylate adhesive. In the main, however, polyimide adhesive tapes are supplied with silicone adhesive.

Double-sided polyimide adhesive tapes

Most polyimide adhesive tapes are coated with adhesive on one side only. However, double-sided adhesive polyimide tapes can also be supplied.

Polyimide adhesive tapes with cover or release film

All adhesive tapes can also be supplied with a cover film. Specially coated polyester film is used here.

Machined polyimide adhesive tapes

All contours can be punched on our punching machines. Smaller runs can be laser cut.

Sources of supply for polyimide adhesive tapes

You can buy polyimide adhesive tapes directly from us or from our dealers and distributors.

Data sheets for self-adhesive polyimide film

Data sheets of polyimide adhesive tapes can be found in the table above. If you need more information, you can request it from us.

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