NMN - Laminates

  • Insulating class F (up to 155°C); NKN H (up to 180°C)
  • Three-layer insulating of polyester or film with Nomex coating on both sides
  • Very good chemical resistance to solvents
  • High resistanty
  • High dielectric
  • Also available as two-or-four layer material

These brands are available from us:

Flexiso®, Isonom®, Trivoltherm N®, Triflexil NMN®

NMN-flexible laminates

The flexible laminate NMN – (Mylar Nomex Nomex) – is made of a polyester film coated on both sides with Nomex meta-aramid paper.

The polyester film provides good electrical insulation, while Nomex® provides excellent tear resistance, resin absorption and thermal insulation.

Four families are defined depending on the thickness of the paper layer laminated with Nomex:

NMN laminates with 50 micron Nomex

The usual and most commonly used family is 50 microns thick.

NMN laminates with 80 micron Nomex

For demanding applications, where an increase in the thermal insulation layer is required, 80 µ Nomex is used.

NMN laminates with 130 micron Nomex

For the most demanding applications 130 µ Nomex is used.

Finally, for less intensive applications, where top performance can be achieved with absolute certainty by using layers of Nomex paper as thin as 37 microns.

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