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Teonex® Q51 is a biaxially oriented PEN film (polyethylene naphthalate film) with a low haze. The film has excellent properties such as very good mechanical strength, good physical properties, low moisture absorption, high dielectric strength and good heat and cold properties. It is also resistant to common solvents.

Teonex® Q51 polyethylene naphtalate film has an increased temperature resistance compared to standard PET films, which makes it a Class F (155°) insulating material. Furthermore, the PEN film complies with the UL 94 VTM-2 standard and is RoHS compliant according to 2011/EU.

Application areas of Teonex® Q51

Teonex® Q51 is used in the construction of electric motors and in the manufacture of transformers, where it is used as an insulating layer.

Delivery forms of Teonex® Q51

Teonex® Q51 has a roll width of up to 1,000 mm and is manufactured in graded thicknesses from 12 µm to 250 µm.

Further processing of Teonex® Q51

Teonex® Q51 can be processed very well. We can produce laminates, adhesive tapes, rollstock and die-cut parts from this film.

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