Polyimid – Laminates

Laminate GKG

The flexible laminate GKG consists of a polyimide film coated on both sides with glass fabric.

The polyimide film provides excellent electrical insulation at high temperatures, while the glass fabric provides excellent mechanical strength, resin absorption and thermal shock resistance.

Its properties include its high heat deflection temperature above 200°C and its electrical and mechanical properties, the latter being particularly easy to tear thanks to the mechanical reinforcement of the glass fabric.

The adhesive used has a high heat resistance (class 200) and, since it is fully polymerised, it is compatible with all types of resins and varnishes.

Optionally, this laminate can be provided with other combinations of components: Polyimide film of 0025, 0050, 0075 and 0125 mm and thicknesses of other glass fabrics.

Punched parts from GKG

The Dr. Dietrich Müller can process the laminate GKG into stamped parts and strips.

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