Polyimid Films

Property profile of polyimide film

Polyimide films combine a special profile of properties. A very high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical values allow polyimide film to be used in a wide range of applications.

Manufacturing process for polyimide film

There are two manufacturing processes for polyimide film, which are mainly distinguished by the different cross-linking. A distinction is made between chemical and thermal cross-linking. This different cross-linking results in different technical values.

Application areas for polyimide film

Chemically cross-linked polyimide films are used for the highest requirements. Polyimide films produced in this manufacturing process are e.g. the Apical polyimide films of the company Kaneka and the Norton TH polyimide films of the company St. Gobain.

These chemically cross-linked polyimide films are used in traction machines, in laminates with Nomex, in printed circuit board production and in applications that require a material that is resistant to radioactivity. Insulating parts are manufactured from this material.

Applications of the polyimide film Flexiso PI FI 16000

The Flexiso PI FI 16000 is used in applications that require high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, but do not place the highest demands.

These are mainly adhesive tape applications or housing insulation. Insulating parts for various applications are also manufactured from this material.

Polyimide film for fuel cells

Fuel cells are another field of application for polyimide films. The property profile of polyimide film is suitable for seals and as membrane frames in these applications.

Thickness spectrum of polyimide films

Polyimide films are available as standard in thicknesses from 0.025 to 0.125 mm. Our product range also includes thinner and thicker polyimide films. Polyimide film in 125µ thickness is always available from stock, as well as the other thicknesses. Also in 250µ the product polyimide film is available.

Special types of polyimide film

In addition to the standard polyimide film, there is a whole range of special types of polyimide film. Thermally conductive polyimide films, electrically conductive polyimide films, corona resistant polyimide films and others are produced.

Laminates from polyimide film

It is possible to produce laminates from the various polyimide films. Polyimide films are often bonded with Nomex to form NKN laminates; however, there are also laminates with glass or with polyimide film.

Punched parts, formed parts and insulating parts made of polyimide film

Stamped parts, moulded parts and insulating parts can be produced from the polyimide films mentioned above.

Data sheets of the polyimide foils

The data sheets of the polyimide films can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF symbol in the table. If a data sheet is not available, it can be requested by email.

UL-approval of the polyimide films

The polyimide films are UL approved. Due to our approval as UL recognized repackager the materials do not lose their UL approval.

Sources of supply for polyimide film

Polyimide film or polyimide adhesive tapes can be obtained directly from us or from our dealers or distributors

Polyimide film PI FI 16000

Polyimide film PI FI 16000

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