PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate Films

PMMA films

PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) film is enormously UV and weather resistant. Compared to other transparent films without scratch-resistant coating, PMMA films have higher surface hardness and stiffness. The addition of polybutyl acrylate (PBA) as an impact modifier makes the films easy to cut and laser process. The films have varying levels of UV absorbers.

PMMA films are either absolutely crystal clear or milky white and are offered with high-gloss, smooth, matte or textured surfaces. In the case of the colorless grades, the special light-conducting properties (transmission) and the possibility of diffractive optics are impressive. They are highly resistant to weathering and abrasion and are absolutely colorless. White grades achieve excellent light diffusion effects through the use of diffuser beads.

PMMA films can be produced with high-gloss surfaces, which are required mainly for applications in the automotive industry.

Colors of PMMA films

PMMA films are available in white, transparent and black as standard. Other colors can be produced as a special order using appropriate color pigments.

Applications of PMMA film

PMMA film is mainly used in the automotive industry and in the production of lighting products. Parts made of PMMA film are used in the fields of design, architecture, mechanical engineering, sample and fixture construction or in automotive components such as tail lights.

PMMA films with coating

PMMA films can be coated using a variety of coating processes. They can be equipped with adhesives or coated with a scratch-resistant hardcoat.

Slitting of PMMA films

On our slitter rewinders (makes: Kampf, Robust, Wey and Göbel) we can slit PMMA film into narrow rolls from 2 mm width. These rolls can be supplied as disc spools or as cross-wound rolls.

PMMA film as a die-cut part

PMMA film can also be die-cut. Here we use stroke punching and rotary punching. The die-cut parts can then be supplied as individual parts, stacked, magazined or on a roll.

Laser cutting of PMMA foils

The material acrylic glass (PMMA) is particularly suitable for laser cutting, whether in a wide variety of colors or transparent for shining through. The cut edges are very smooth and clear due to the laser cutting machines we use. Reworking is then no longer necessary.

What technology is used for laser cutting of PMMA film?

For laser cutting of PMMA film, we use cutting with a nozzle. The laser melts and vaporizes the material and the resulting gases are expelled downwards out of the cutting gap. For thin foils, laser remote cutting can also be used. On our lasers, we cut PMMA film from 0.10 mm.

What advantages does laser cutting offer over other techniques for PMMA film?

Laser cutting of PMMA film impresses with its high cost-effectiveness. Precise cuts can be realized in short processing times. The cut edges of the PMMA film are clear and smooth. Reworking is no longer necessary. The color of the PMMA film is irrelevant; all colors from transparent to white to black can be cut in the same quality.

Which lasers are used for laser cutting of PMMA film?

We use CO2 lasers for laser cutting of PMMA film. The processing area is 2400 x 1200 mm.

Can PMMA film also be cut on a contract basis?

We cut PMMA film both on the lasers and on the roll slitting machines on a contract basis.

pmma folie film folien

pmma folie film folien

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