Polystyrole Films

PS film

Polystyrene film can be printed well and bonded excellently. The variety of colors opens many fields of application. Polystyrene films, unlike the other films, have higher hardness and stiffness. They can be supplied both crystal clear and white colored.

The density of styrene polymers is between 1030 and 1050 kg/m3 . Polystyrene film has high stiffness, medium hardness and strength, but low impact strength. The continuous service temperature range is approximately between -10 °C and +80 °C. Special grades reach -30 to +70 °C, and up to +90 °C for short periods.

Polystyrene film is chemically resistant to acids and bases, but not at high concentrations, and to grease and oils.

Polystyrene film is not resistant to oxidizing agents and aliphatic, aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons and has a strong tendency to stress cracking.

Polystyrene film is completely soluble in many esters, ketones, and aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
The crystal clear polymer is characterized by high surface quality and light transmission.

With otherwise somewhat less favorable electrical insulating properties compared with polyethylene, it is particularly suitable for high-frequency technology due to good dielectric properties and has good radiation resistance, but like all plastics it has a strong tendency to electrostatic charging. PS is flammable and not weather-resistant.

10 properties of polystyrene film

The following 10 properties characterize polystyrene film:

  • good adhesion of printing inks and adhesives
  • warm formable
  • extremely low moisture absorption
  • very low dielectric loss factor
  • high light transmission with colorless material
  • chemical resistant
  • good low-temperature toughness
  • harmless to health
  • low density
  • good punchability


Forms of delivery of polystyrene films

We supply the film in master rolls, ready-cut in narrow rolls on disc spools or on cross-wound spools, as cut-to-size or as die-cut parts.

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