Lasercutting of electrical insulating materials, gaskets, thermally conductive films and technical films

Dr D. Mueller GmbH offers three alternatives for laser-cutting of electrical insulating material, gaskets, thermally conductive films and technical films:

  1. The laser beam is deflected by mirrors which move fast into XY directions. This enables high speed.
  2. The other alternative is to cut the film on a CNC laser-cutting-off machine and in this case it is not the laser beam which moves but the film is moved with XY axis.
  3. In the third alternative the film is cut by a CNC laser-cutting-off machine which has a flexible cutting head so the laser beam cuts the material directly.

It is also possible to combine the alternatives to improve the speed and/or the processing size.

Laser-cutting is used for small quantities or prototypes.

Because of our certification as an UL recognized repacker, the materials which we process do not lose their UL certification.

Overview for suitable laser-cutting materials

The following materials were already cut or graven on our laser machines:

Acrylic, PMMA, Plexiglas, timber, laser rubber, leather, fabrics, MDF, paper, carton, boards, polyamide, aramid papers, Nomex, Kevlar, polycarbonate, Makrolon, Lexan, polyester films, Mylar, Hostaphan, polyimide, polypropylene, polystyrene, composites, vulcanized fibre.

The above mentioned materials are just a small selection of the materials which are sliceable. There are more sliceable materials we did not work with during expanding our knowledge of laser cutting.

The company Dr D. Mueller GmbH is also focused on the laser treatment of all kind of films. The range of film-like materials which can be laser cut is constantly expanding.

In case your required material is not mentioned, that does not mean that it is not sliceable. An enquiry is worth it in any case. As the case may be a test with the precise material will show how our lasercut department can solve your problem.

We do not cut PVC, PTFE, and FEP. We use water jet cutting for these materials.