Coil bobbin

Utilisation of coil bobbins
Coil bobbins are used in the manufacture of inductive construction parts like transformers, chokes, bobbins and antennas. Coil bobbins are made of different synthetic materials.

Material for coil bobbins
They are produced with the injection moulding technique. Often Polyamide or PET and PBT are used as materials. Usually fibre glass is used as a reinforcing material.

We can deliver PEEK and PPS made from coil bobbins.

If there are only low quantities needed, the coil bobbins are compounded from die-cut or milled parts.

Component parts for coil bobbins
We also deliver component parts for coil bobbins like coil side insulations or dogbones.

All articles are available UL certified.

Delivery programme for coil bobbins
We represent Cierre Isolanti Elettrici from Italy. Cierre has a long-time tradition in manufacture coil bobbins.

We do not list all coil bobbins we have because there is a huge number of tools.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you do not find the required coil bobbin.

We supply any type of coil bobbin.

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