Delivery forms of the GRP profiles
GRP profiles of the company Dr Mueller are delivered in different forms. Among other things the form of the GRP profiles must be given, which is basically defined by the tool outline. The GRP profiles are manufactured in C-, H-, T-, Z-outlines. You can find the tool list on our homepage.

Manufacture of GRP profiles
GRP profiles are manufactured with pultrusion that means that glass fibres are drawn though a resin bath and then they cure under heat and pressure.

Different systems can be used during the manufacture of GRP profiles in the resin bath. Our GRP profiles are manufactured by using polyester-resin-systems or epoxy-resin-systems.

Treatment of the GRP profiles
Than the GRP profiles can be processed differently. They can be drilled, milled or turned on our CNC machining centres.

Furthermore thread inserts can be placed in the GRP profiles.
It is also possible to paint GRP profiles.

GRP profiles are resistant against corrosion and chemicals.