Insulating Parts

Insulating parts are important for the function of many electrical devices. Our insulating parts isolate against electrical breakdown.

Our product range of insulating parts is divided into five groups:

•    Flexible insulating parts
•    Rigid insulating parts
•    Injection molded insulating parts
•    Insulating parts made of prepreg
•    Other insulating parts

Flexible insulating parts
Flexible insulating parts mean insulating parts which are made of film-like materials. For example slot insulations, slot closures, phase insulations, die-cut parts made of our flexible electrical insulating material. In this case it is also possible to realise nearly all contours. We use nearly all area insulating materials for the manufacture of these insulating parts. NomexMylarFlexible electrical insulation materials and laminates made of these electrical insulating material are often used for insulating parts.

Insulating parts are also finished die-cut parts which often isolate the inner surface of casings.

We can also manufacture insulating parts on our deep drawing machines, because then 3D contours occur.

Flexible insulating parts can also be manufactured of adhesive tapes.

Rigid insulating parts
Rigid insulating parts mean insulating parts which are made of plate-like materials. We use the CNC machines for the manufacture of these insulating parts to produce air gap insert, adapter plates and air guides.

Rigid insulating parts are manufactured of our Rigidiso product range.

These insulating parts can also be painted and manufactured with metallic inserts.

Injection molded insulating parts
Injection molded parts outline insulating parts which are manufactured with the injection moulding technology, for example coil bobbins. We cooperate with partners for the manufacture of these insulating parts.

Insulating parts made of prepreg
In this case we offer materials which often are not the first choice and manufacture them to finished parts. The prepregs for these insulating parts are manufactured from leading material manufacturers.

Other insulating parts
Besides this we deliver insulating parts made of tubes. In this case holes are stamped into tubes to enable leading a wire through or tubes made of film are perforated. Shrinking tubes are also manufactured of insulating parts; these tubes are shrunk on while using heat.

Take advantage of our competency if you have questions according to manufacture of insulating parts, so we can solve the challenge.

Experience in manufacture of insulating parts
We have more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of insulating parts for nearly all electrotechnical problems.

Insulating parts with many licenses
We deliver insulating parts with many licenses for applications like railway or applications in the aerospace.

Since the Dr D Mueller GmbH is an UL recognized repacker the materials do not lose their UL certification during processing.