Usage of slot insulation

Slot insulations are used as insulating for the slot. We manufacture slot insulations in different models. As a standard slot insulations are manufactured with a flanged rim but there are also applications in which a flanged rim is not desired.

It is possible to reinforce the slot insulation with adhesive tape at the flange. In this case it is important to choose an adhesive tape according to the insulating class.

Nearly all measurements can be taken for the manufacture of slot insulations. However it should be kept in mind that the flanged rim should not undercut a width of 2 mm.

Slot insulations can also be manufactured for skewed-slot electromotors.

Materials for slot insulations

Slot insulations can be manufactured of materials of all insulating classes. In large part the slot insulations are made of polyester film (Mylar, Hostaphan), DMD (Triflexil, Evitherm, Voltaflex, Flexiso), NMN (Triflexil, Trivoltherm, Isonom, Flexiso) as well as Nomex.

Since the Dr D Mueller GmbH is an UL recognized repacker the materials do not lose their UL certification during processing.