PTFE films for the industry

PFA PTFE film foil

PTFE films for the industry

PTFE is a material with an impressive combination of properties. The PTFE film is thermally very durable and can be used at temperatures between -200 and +250 °C. It is easy to clean and can be sterilized with commercially available agents.

In our machining department we produce CNC milled parts and CNC turned parts from this material. In our stamping department, we manufacture flat gaskets for use in the chemical industry, vehicle and machine construction and in the food industry. Flat gaskets are used as flange gaskets, for gaskets in valves and shafts and as roof gaskets on buildings. PTFE film is also used as slot insulation and slot closure in the construction of electric motors.

Overview PTFE foils:

  • PTFE film, virgin, in full width or cut to sizeOur product range includes PTFE foils as roll goods in thicknesses of 0.05 – 2 mm. The standard width is 1,200 mm, but we are also happy to offer you corresponding tapes, punched parts, cut-to-size and special sizes
  • PTFE film, etched on one side, pretreated for bondingA one-sided etching of the PTFE film is required for the bonding of the material.
  • PTFE film type SK, one-sided self-adhesive with silicone adhesive
    (mounting aid)We also supply PTFE films with a one-sided adhesive layer. This is available in thicknesses of 0.13, 0.25 and 0.50 mm. These are rolls with a standard width of 1,000 mm. We are happy to offer tapes, punched parts, cuttings and special sizes according to customer requirements.
  • PTFE-coated glass fabric films in full width on rolls, as cut-to-size pieces or made up into conveyor belts.The PTFE foils consist of a PTFE-coated fabric belt made of glass fibres. We supply these PTFE foils in various thicknesses and types between 0.08 and 0.25 mm. Special types of the foils are also available, for example in antistatic or self-adhesive design. From these, we are happy to offer tapes, punched parts, cut-to-size parts and special sizes according to customer requirements.
  • PTFE laminatesWe manufacture laminates from PTFE and other films and sheet materials, which then have special property profiles.

From the project sketch to the finished series part made of PTFE foil

Within the scope of product design, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH offers many possibilities and ideas to achieve improved production processes and optimum product quality.

From the first tool-less sample production to serial production, experienced application engineers and specialists are available in the production department for the implementation of stamped parts made of PTFE.

In the area of prototype production from PTFE, state-of-the-art knife cutting machines and water jet cutting technology are available. In addition, first samples can also be produced on the CNC machining centres. We do not cut PTFE on our laser cutting machines, as this can produce toxic fumes which are hazardous to health. In addition, these vapours attack our laser cutting machines.

In the area of series production in the manufacture of stamped parts from PTFE foil, the most modern automatic punching machines, rotary punching machines, eccentric presses and manual punching machines are used.

The cutting department is also equipped with the most modern Kampf roll cutting machines and with adhesive tape cutting machines from CMC Cevenini. The cutting of PTFE foil is no problem.

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