Raised beds made of pallet frames – A real garden trend


Raised beds made of pallet frames – A real garden trend

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH |  22.02.2020

Pallet frame raised beds are a real feast for the eyes in the garden and are also back and knee friendly.

Raised beds, which are built with pallet frames, are a real feast for the eyes in the garden and are also back and knee friendly. In addition, the increased soil heat and the nutrients brought in ensure a significantly higher harvest and a considerably longer harvest time.

The pallet frames from muellerbestellung.de can be impressively used as garden bed/high bed, which will help you to create a beautiful garden.
The high-bed folding frames in the garden offer diverse and individual design possibilities and can be used for planting vegetables, herbs, flowers, perennials and many other plants.

The pallet collapsible frames with the dimensions 120x80x20cm and the colour nature are also an excellent packaging material to protect goods from damage.

With these pallet frames a pallet can easily be transformed into a box or crate and they are easy and convenient to stack up to the desired height.
Wooden stacking frames provide good protection for your load and are ideal for stabilisation.

Our wooden frames are IPPC treated and certified, made of softwood (90% pine and 10% spruce) and equipped with galvanized hinges.

Raised beds from pallet frames have many advantages.

Bed design has become an important part of garden planning, so that raised beds are increasingly seen next to flat beds, lawns or fruit trees.
Raised beds made of pallet frames differ due to the fixed frame construction and can be maintained standing up without any problems. This makes raised beds independent of the soil quality of the garden.
Raised beds are an excellent enrichment especially for regions with poor soil quality. Depending on the plant, an individual layer system within the raised bed can create the best possible conditions.

An overview of raised-bed advantages:

Individual raised beds for balcony, terrace and front garden allow gardening in cities
Reduced use of plant protection products
Design flexibility
Two to three times the yield at harvest
Health-friendly, pleasant working

Uncomplicated procurement of the pallet frames for creating the raised beds.

Folded pallet frames are heavy and unwieldy. Also the own private transport is difficult and cumbersome to realize with the own car or other aids.

Many online suppliers on the other hand send their pallet frames pinned, with individual hinges and boards (additional effort regarding the assembly), or only to commercial customers.

By self-developed, individually made to measure boxes, the frames for the raised bed are delivered uncomplicated, pinned and folded in the shortest time to the front door.
No sticking together of the single boards, no unloading of larger pallets or similar complex stories.

Open the box, unfold the frame, done!

Laying out a raised bed – this is how it works perfectly

Pallet stacking frames are simply unfolded, stacked on top of each other and the raised bed is ready – no assembly of the individual boards and hinges is necessary.

In addition, the raised beds can be lined with a standard pond liner. This protects and prevents the wood from drying out.

In addition, no savings should be made when buying the plant soil. Cheap plant soil clumps together faster and damages the roots in the long term. Spring and autumn are ideal for planting a raised bed. Natural waste in the garden due to the season provides the raised beds with extremely useful nutrients from the very beginning.

Choose the right location for your raised beds

Enriching your garden with raised beds made of pallet frames has basically already made the right decision in terms of the many advantages. Nevertheless, there are other points that can be taken into account, which will make the later processing even easier.

A sunny spot in a north-south direction is ideal – this is the most effective way to use the sunlight. The surface should also be kept level. This makes planting easier and it is easy to reach the raised bed from all sides.

A raised bed requires more water than a conventional bed – especially in summer. Therefore, a water connection near the raised bed is useful.

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