Refresh rubber with MG Chemicals 408A – Rubber Renue

408A/408B - Rubber Renue

Refresh rubber with MG Chemicals 408A – Rubber Renue

Seals are important components in various applications. In our post Seals: important components we’ve written quite a bit about different gasket materials.

Our explanations mainly related to new seals.

But many are familiar with the problem: the window seal or the door seal of the house becomes porous over time. Sealing rubbers from vintage cars become unsightly, you want them to be supple again.

There are many, sometimes bizarre, suggestions on how to get seals back on the road:

  • wash in the washing machine with fabric softener
  • Silicone spray
  • talc
  • cook in castor oil
  • Deer talk
  • rub with soap

as Manufacturer of seals we can recommend the following product:

408A/408B – Rubber Renue

408A Rubber Renue restores old rubber parts that have hardened and have lost their stickiness and flexibility. It causes the rubber to swell so that dirt can escape from its pores. When the solvent dries, the rubber will regain its shape and remain sticky, allowing the rollers and platters to retain their grip.

Applications and uses of 408A / 408B – Rubber Renue

408A restores the tackiness of plates and rollers, helps remove dirt, ink, and sticky residue, and can also restore flexibility to belts, conveyor belts, and seals.

It works by causing the rubber cells of belts, plates and rollers to swell so that dirt particles and impurities can be easily wiped away. As soon as the product has completely evaporated, the padded cells shrink back to their normal size and the surface is refreshed and ready for use.

Rubber Renue is a mixture of highly volatile solvents. These solvents should not be inhaled or used in an unventilated environment. Clean the parts in an outdoor environment or with adequate ventilation that is safely vacuumed to the outside.

408A / 408B – Rubber Renue gives best results when used in the following ways:

  • Use gloves and appropriate safety measures to prevent inhalation of vapors.
  • Apply a small amount of the product to a clean, dry cloth (just enough to dampen the cloth)
  • Apply a portion of the wipe moistened with Rubber Renue to the plate, roller, or belt and wipe until the surface is clean
  • Let the area dry until Rubber Renue has completely evaporated.
  • After Rubber Renue has evaporated, store the cloth in a sealed container until it is ready to be washed or disposed of.
  • CAUTION! This product uses strong solvents and is intended for use in professional maintenance and repair companies.

Features and Benefits 408A / 408B – Rubber Renue

  • Rejuvenates old, dry and hard rubber
  • Restores stickiness, flexibility and elasticity

Abstract 408A / 408B – Rubber Renue

  • Rejuvenates and nourishes rubber
  • Rubs off the oxidation film
  • Apply with a cloth, brush or swab
  • Excellent for use on belts, plates, rollers, rubber parts
  • Use with adequate ventilation

408A / 408B – Rubber Renue

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