Representation of an Italian bobbin manufacturer

Dr. Dietrich Müller takes over-representation of Italian bobbin manufacturer.

Representation of an Italian bobbin manufacturer

Ahlhorn | Italy | 01/17/2012

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH, a leading supplier of electrical insulation materials for the production of electric motors and transformers, is taking over the representation of the company Cierre from Italy with immediate effect. Cierre is a leading European manufacturer of Bobbins used in the manufacture of transformers. As an innovative company, the company has various patents in the area of ​​the product range “Bobbin“.

In addition to the bobbins, Cierre also offers an extensive range of accessories for transformer construction, such as terminals, soldered connections, insulating sockets, and potting hoods.

In addition, the Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH from its own production program feathered ribbons, Side insulation, insulation parts, and adhesive tapes made from common electrical insulation materials, such as Nomex, Mylar, and laminates made from these materials.

The delivery program is supplemented by pultruded profiles made of GRP and adhesive tapes.

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