Self-adhesive Nomex parts

Nomex parts in self-adhesive version.

Self-adhesive Nomex parts

In many areas of the electrical and electronics industry, stamped and molded parts made of Nomex® aramid paper manufactured by DuPont are used in grades 410, 411 and 414.

Nomex® is a product of DuPont. This aramid paper film is a high temperature resistant insulation product with an excellent balance of physical and electrical properties. Nomex is made entirely from synthetic aramid polymer in two forms: short fibers (flakes) and microscopic fibrous binder particles (fibrids). Nomex has become widely used as electrical insulation for liquid and dry transformers, motors and generators.

We have summarized the advantages of Nomex aramid paper on this page about Nomex: 11 Properties of Nomex.

The paper installed in enclosures as insulation or used in transformers as layer insulation. The aramid paper is also used as slot insulation or slot closure.

In many cases, these Nomex parts were attached by manufacturing workers using liquid adhesives, adhesive tapes or transfer adhesives to perform the insulation tasks.

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH, a leading converter of well-known brands such as Nomex®, Mylar®, Ultem®, Norton TH®, Pertinax®, Hostaphan® and Lexan®, is able to self-adhere even complex molded parts as well as die-cut parts and provide them optimized for production.

Parts made of Nomex® that already have a self-adhesive finish simplify assembly in production lines and thus save costs.

Transfer adhesives for Nomex

The adhesive films that are used can have different classes of insulating materials, and silicone-, rubber- and acrylate-based adhesives are also possible. We use our transfer adhesive SP 61321 as well as the 3M adhesives 467 and 468 to make Nomex self-adhesive.

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