Slot closures, caps, covers

Usage of slot closures

Slot closures are used in the manufacture of electro motors. Often used names for slot closures are slot caps or slot covers.

Slot closures are mainly delivered preformed and in this case nearly all measurements can be realised.

Service stations for electro motors use meter slot closures which are cut to the required length in the workshop. These slot closures are packaged in PE bags per 100 pieces.

It is also possible to get slot closures preformed in rolls. The advantage is that the waste during cutting the slot closures can be reduced clearly.

Materials for slot closures

Slot closures can be made of materials of all insulating classes. Mainly slot closures are made of polyester film (Mylar, Hostaphan), DMD, NMN and Nomex.

Furthermore it is possible to get slot closures with adhesive covering to improve the fixation of the insulating.

Since the Dr D Mueller GmbH is an UL recognized repacker the materials do not lose their UL certification during processing.