Stamped parts from Valox for the lighting industry

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH: Stamped parts from Valox for the lighting industry

Stamped parts from Valox for the lighting industry

Ahlhorn | 09.08.2011

In addition to the classic insulation foils for electrical engineerings, such as Mylar, Nomex, ArpaxX, Hostaphan, and Lexan, processed by Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH too Valox-Folien the Sabic company for stamped parts for the lighting industry.

Valox properties

Valox® FR-1 combines very excellent temperature resistance with particularly high chemical resistance, excellent dielectric strength, and low moisture absorption. In addition, Valox FR 1 is characterized by excellent electrical properties in combination with exceptionally good processability and a high surface quality. This PBT film with a thickness of 0.5 mm (other thicknesses are also available) and with a UL 94 V0 listing meets even increased fire protection requirements for demanding applications in electrical engineering and electronics.

Valox® FR-1 is UL94-VTM-0 listed from 125 microns.

Due to its excellent dielectric strength and easy processing (ie heat forming, embossing, burr-free die cutting, folding and bending), VALOX FR-1 film is very well suited for a variety of applications in the electrical, electronic and medical sectors.

Typical areas of application are in addition to the mentioned use in the lighting industry, the use in the production of Insulating parts, and insulation in power supplies and busbar rails.

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH manufactures from this material Stamped parts as well as molded parts. The parts can also be supplied self-adhesive. In addition, the products can be delivered to customers flat or folded ready for installation.

In addition, the film can be metallized.

Property profile of the Valox film

  • severe flammability
  • good temperature resistance
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • excellent dielectric strength
  • low moisture absorption
  • Particularly suitable for laminated EMC / RFI shielding
  • Ideal printability: Warning notices or part numbers can be printed directly on the film without any problems
  • good machinability to form stamped and molded parts

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