The market for thermal management materials


The market for thermal management materials

Ahlhorn | 23.09.2020

The market of thermal management materials

Thermal conductive pastes are used in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, engine construction, heating and cooling devices. Efficient heat conduction and a long service life are requirements that are placed on the materials.
Primarily heat-conducting pastes consist of silicone oil and zinc oxide. High-quality varieties are available with aluminum, copper, graphite and silver components.
Typical applications are heat sensitive components where an active or passive cooler is used. It is used as an assembly aid for electronics, measurement and control technology and for improved heat dissipation of electronic components such as power transistors. Heat-conducting pastes level out unevenness and enable better heat transfer from the component to the heat sink.

Application areas for heat conducting pastes

Thermal conductive pastes are used in the following industries, among others:

  • Electrical engineering and electronics industry
  • plastics industry (extrusion die heating, hot runner distributors, press moulds, screen changing equipment)
  • Shoe machine industry (vulcanizing presses and mold heating, pinching machines, hot stamping machines)
  • foundries (core molds and ingot molds, die casting machines, vacuum furnace heating),
  • apparatus engineering and laboratory industry (hot plates, industrial baths, distillation plants, soldering baths, oil sump heating, sterilizing baths, oil preheaters)
  • Wood machinery industry (hot-melt gluing, melting and application equipment, branding stamps)
  • Packaging machinery industry (embossing, sealing and welding stamp heating, carton closing machines, tube filling and closing machines)
  • Medical technology (inhalers and sterilizers, polymerization equipment, dialysis machines)
  • as well as in general mechanical engineering (small air heaters, expansion screw heating, bookbinding machines, refrigeration compressors)

Top – Key-Player on the market

Top key players in electronic thermal management materials are:

  • Honeywell International Inc
  • Amerasia International (AI) – Technologie
  • Inc, der europäischen Thermodynamik Ltd.
  • Parker Chomerics
  • Laird PLC Henkel AG & Company
  • Wacker AG
  • Herr Corporation
  • Boyd
  • 3M
  • DuPont
  • Marian Inc
  • Darcoid Gesellschaft
  • Dr. Dietrich Müller Gmbh

Dr. D. Müller GmbH is one of the leading suppliers worldwide with more than 50 different heat transfer pastes. The heat conduction pastes work in a range from -180 to +1200°C. For applications in the automotive industry IMDS-listed thermal pastes are also available. Special vacuum-compatible thermal conduction pastes are also produced on customer request.


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