thin and thinnest technical films


thin and thinnest technical films

In our daily work we are confronted again and again with the question, which thin and thinnest films we have in our delivery program.

Delivery program of thin and thinnest technical foils and films

As you know, we supply a wide range of technical films for various technical applications in electrical engineering, electronics, medical technology, aerospace and battery production. In the field of battery and fuel cell manufacturing, we supply membranes manufactured from the thinnest films.

Overview thin and thinnest foils

Material PI film PEEK film PEI film PEI film PEN film PC film PET film
Product code Flexiso PI FI 16000 Tecfilm PEEK TC 00600 Tecfilm PEI TC 00421 Tecfilm PEI TC 00420 Tecfilm PEN TC 14090 Pokalon OG 461 GL Flexiso PET FI 13000
Colour amber beige black amber-yellow transparent transparent transparent
available thicknesses 0,0075 mm 0,0050 mm 0,0050 mm 0,0050 mm 0,0120 mm 0,0020 mm 0,0005 mm
0,0130 mm 0,0060 mm 0,0130 mm 0,0130 mm 0,0250 mm 0,0060 mm 0,0007 mm
0,0075 mm 0,0250 mm 0,0250 mm 0,0009 mm
0,0100 mm 0,0025 mm
0,0030 mm
available width 500 mm 600 mm 500 mm 500 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm


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