Three new Lexan films available

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Three new Lexan films available

Bergen op Zoom | 12.05.2013

Sabic Innovative Plastics is again expanding its range of Lexan polycarbonate films.
The three presented technical “Lexan According to the manufacturer, “polycarbonate film types” HP92TTY “,” 6060 “and” OQ8DA “are characterized by high optical quality and special functions for in-mold (IMD) decorative overlays in entertainment electronics and automotive applications. They can also be punched, embossed and printed.

SABIC announces a major portfolio expansion, introducing three new LEXAN ™ technical film products for the display, electronics and automotive sectors

SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business unit announces a significant expansion of its portfolio of LEXAN ™ Polycarbonate (PC): The three new LEXAN PC technical films help customers in the consumer electronics and automotive sectors with increasing demands for lower costs, greater freedom of design, higher performance and compliance Meet global environmental laws. The new types – the films LEXAN HP92TTY, LEXAN 6060 and LEXAN OQ8DA – offer excellent optical quality and special functions for in-mold (IMD) decorative overlays in consumer electronics and automotive applications. These new additions to the already leading LEXAN product portfolio also demonstrate SABIC’s ongoing investments in pioneering technologies and demonstrate the company’s relentless commitment to the technical needs, application development requirements and business goals of global customers and plastics processors.

“With the introduction of the three new LEXAN film types, our customers now have an even larger range of materials available from which they can meet their specific requirements, e.g. B. for better performance and higher cost savings or more sustainability, ”said Lennard Markestein, Global Film Portfolio and North Asia Director, Innovative Plastics. These new materials also demonstrate SABIC’s continued commitment to help our customers in Asia and around the world grow and thrive. SABIC actively helps its Asian customers with a committed, regional team, comprehensive support in the supply chain and an efficient sales organization in order to reliably ensure the ongoing availability of the film materials. ”

New extremely functional Lexan films for greater freedom of design

The three new, extremely functional LEXAN films offer new design options for IMD overlays and lenses. They can also be embossed and printed. The coated LEXAN HP92TTY film for 2.5-dimensional parts has good chemical and abrasion resistance, can be embossed and does not require any subsequent curing process. Ideal applications are IMD overlays for consumer electronics and automotive parts. The LEXAN 6060 film for IMD overlays on 3-dimensional parts is printable and has a high gloss and good light transmission with improved surface hardness. One application example is the housing of portable electronic devices. The double-coated LEXAN OQ8DA film sheet offers excellent impact strength and is printable. It can be used for lenses and keyboards of electronic devices.

Flame retardant products for electrical insulation

In addition to these new types, SABIC is showing its films from the halogen-free, UL-compliant LEXAN EFR film range. This environmentally friendly translucent or opaque film offers bromine-free and chlorine-free flame retardancy in different strengths. This enables suppliers of electronic products to meet and even exceed environmental guidelines by voluntarily avoiding halogenated additives in their products and at the same time complying with the requirements of the EU directives on the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) and for waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE 2006).

Another highlight of the company is the NORYL ™ EFR735 film with halogen-free flame retardancy according to UL 94 V-0. Thanks to its higher hydrolytic stability and the good coating and adhesive properties, this product could be used as a carrier material on the back walls of photovoltaic elements and replace polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. Furthermore, thanks to its excellent chemical resistance, this product can be used as a corrosive electrolyte solution Insulators in batteries of hybrid or electric vehicles are used.

Enabling advanced LED lighting and display technologies

SABIC offers a wide range of LEXAN ILLUMINEX ™ films with surface textures made of incorporated random lens and prism arrangements. The diffuser films have excellent opacity, good light transmission and luminance and are therefore suitable for liquid crystal displays (LCD), portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, LED instrument displays and panels for ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as LED lighting applications.

LEXAN films are available in monolithic thicknesses of up to 500 μm and have excellent optical quality and good dimensional stability at high temperatures. Different types can be printed and molded into 3D shapes. LEXAN films with designed surface textures are a cost-effective alternative, as they can be produced in one step using melt extrusion with PC plastic. This and the 15 percent lower density compared to PET as well as the possibility of recycling can contribute to significant cost savings compared to PET.

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