Transphan specialty polyamide film

specialty polyamide film

Transphan specialty polyamide film

Our brand Transphan

Transphan is a brand of Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH. The brand was originally a trademark of LOFO High Tech Film GmbH, which marketed its specialty polyamide film under this brand.

LOFO High Tech Film GmbH produced various specialty polyamide films under this brand:

These included single-sided and double-sided matte, glossy/smooth, and colored films.
Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH also develops, produces and sells polycarbonate films under the Pokalon brand name.
These include matt, glossy/smooth and colored films on one and both sides.

These films are then used to produce adhesive tapes, laminates and other composite materials, which in turn are then processed into die-cut parts, molded parts and tapes.

About LOFO High Tech Film GmbH

Lofo High Tech Film GmbH was a company of the Shinkong Group, Taiwan, and most recently employed 95 people. Lofo High Tech Film specialized in the production of high-quality technical and optical films for special applications in displays, 3D glasses, pharmaceuticals, electronics and security.


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