UL file numbers

The UL file numbers are assigned by the Underwriters Laboratories organization for checking products and are primarily used to find safety-related measures. It is particularly important to document the burning behavior of plastics (yellow card) and to classify them (UL file number).

The most important UL file numbers are:


Mylar A: E93687

Hostaphan WN: E53895

Hostaphan RN: E53895

Teonex: E206562

Nomex Typ 410: E34739

Nomex Typ 411: E34739

Nomex Typ E56: E34739

HN: E39505

MT: E39505

Makrofol DE: E41613

Formex: E121855

Ultem: E103380

Ultem WH217: E61257

Valox: E61257

Lexan: E61257

Norton TH (Taimide): E231847

Noryl EFR 0735: E121652, E207780

(Source: data sheet of the products)

Since Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH is recognized as a UL recognized repackager, the materials processed by us do not lose their UL approval. This approval is just as important for customers who only need small series as it is for customers who Mass stamping parts need.