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ArpaxX – Dr. D. Müller brings a new generation of aramid paper onto the market

Ahlhorn, May 24th, 2011 – Nothing is so good that it cannot be further improved and optimized. With the ArpaxX series, the Dr. D. Müller GmbH has launched a completely new generation of premium aramid papers on the market, which sets technological standards in every respect – from production to use by the customer.

Aramid paper and boards are indispensable materials when building modern insulation systems in electrical engineering. Due to its outstanding physical properties, the all-rounder in insulation technology is used, for example, in the construction of electric motors and generators (slot insulation, Cover slide, and phase insulation), used in transformer construction (layer insulation, strips, spacers, cylinders, end rings, molded parts, etc.) as well as numerous other areas of electrical engineering. In particular, it is thanks to the high-temperature resistance of the material, if used extensively, that the use of ArpaxX papers and boards can considerably increase the service life of electrical devices and reduce the premature failure rate to an absolute minimum.

High flexibility through “adjustable” dielectric strength and a wider range of paper and board thicknesses

The new product line of Dr. D. Müller GmbH in Germany. The manufacturing process is characterized by high flexibility, depending on requirements, the optimal composition of fibers and binders can be calculated using a specially developed mathematical-physical model and the dielectric strength can be “adjusted” according to the customer’s individual specifications.

But otherwise, ArpaxX sets new standards, whereby a significantly higher range of individual paper and board thicknesses can be realized. The minimum aramid paper thickness is a spectacular 0.025 mm, while the maximum possible thickness of calendered aramid sheets of 50 mm compared to the previous standard has been increased by a factor of five. The ArpaxX series is also characterized by a heat resistance of up to 275 ° C, a dielectric strength of 40kV / mm, maximum heat shrinkage below 1.0 percent and a thermal conductivity of 0.25 W / mk. Special papers can be manufactured with a dielectric strength of up to 80 kV / mm.

Quality “Made in Germany” – also for the sake of the environment

The production process has also been optimized in terms of material quality. During the development of ArpaxX, it was possible to reduce the contamination by foreign substances, the formation of pebbles and air inclusions to an absolute minimum, which results in a significantly improved homogeneity of the aramid paper with all the associated positive advantages for the user.

Due to the production in Germany, the usual high standards in terms of sustainability and environmental protection also apply here. For the sake of the environment, special emphasis was placed on a closed water cycle in the production process. Since the calendering is purely mechanical and no aggressive industrial adhesives are used, ArpaxX products are fully recyclable. The specially developed mathematical-physical model for calculating the individual fiber-binder ratio also leads to considerable material and cost optimization.

And these are the three strong types of the ArpaxX aramid paper range:

– ArpaxX L
– ArpaxX N
– ArpaxX S

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