Bern is the Mecca of public transport

Bern is the Mecca of public transport

Bern is the Mecca of public transport

Ahlhorn | 05.09.2011

During four days from 6. – 9. September 2011 in the halls of BERNEXPO AG and the new tram depot of BERNMOBIL experts from all over Europe for the “suissetraffic” exhibition.

Around 170 companies show new products and their services on an area of ​​20,000 square meters. At the opening symposium on Tuesday morning, Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard will speak on the subject of “Mobility as a basic requirement for growth policy”.

The Executive Director of the European Railway Agency, Marcel Verslype, and the EU Member of Parliament Michael Cramer, transport policy spokesman for the Greens, will arrive from Brussels for the start of “suissetraffic”.

You will be on the subject of “Transport in motion: Mobility tomorrow?” express it pointedly. At the panel discussion, Councilor of States Peter Bieri, Bernard Guillemon (CEO of BLS AG), Alex Naef (CEO of Carrosserie Hess) and Nils Planzer (CEO of Planzer Transport AG) will contribute their points of view and will critically question traffic developments. It is reserved for Andreas Meyer, CEO of SBB AG, to draw the conclusion and to formulate measures, requirements and wishes for future mobility developments.

SWISSRAIL as a draft horse

The largest exhibitor at “suissetraffic” is the SWISSRAIL Industry Association, which, with over fifty members on more than a thousand square meters, shows what innovative strength and quality work Swiss companies are capable of: “There is no train in the world that does not have several Components from our country are rolling, ”says SWISSRAIL Director Michaela Stöckli confidently. The Bernese city population is looking forward to the automatic lubrication system for extremely precise, pinpoint, mobile rail head lubrication from Railtex Systems in Hergiswil. It considerably reduces the “curve screeching” and reduces wear on the wheelsets and on the rail head. Only in a model, but for the first time the new BLS double-decker composition by Stadler Rail for the Bern S-Bahn will be on display. The Thun company Enotrac presents the mobile data acquisition of infrastructures on a portable tablet PC. Visitors can experience a special facet of the railway world on the locomotive simulator at the SBB stand.

Highlights from BERNMOBIL

BERNMOBIL and AEG MIS from Ulm are waiting for a world premiere in the new tram depot on Bolligenstrasse: ÖV-Kommunikation 3.0 is the name of the new passenger information and operations control system that combines all inter-company and intermodal communication needs. Decisive innovations compared to the existing isolated solutions are the connection security between the various local transport operators, networking with the railroad world and dynamic real-time information for customers. A shuttle bus takes visitors from Hall 2.0 to the tram depot, where, in addition to other exhibitors, a Siemens Combino XL tram is also waiting for interested trade fair visitors in the maintenance area.

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