IAA 2011

IAA 2011

IAA 2011

Ahlhorn | Frankfurt | 21.09.2011

The 64th Edition of the IAA, the largest automobile exhibition in the world, takes place in Frankfurt from 15th to 25th September. At the IAA in Frankfurt many of the leading automobile manufacturers were presenting this year their new car products and were dealing with the theme “electric car” as well as with the trends and innovations in the world of the automobile industry and electric vehicles. Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH provides electrical insulation materials for the new electric drive systems made of materials such as Nomex®, NMN, DMD, Mylar®, Hostaphan®, and ArpaxX®  as well as cooling systems for batteries. At the link “automotive industry”, you will find a summary of the solutions of Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH.

IAA 2011 is a crowd puller  

Regular visitors to the International Motor Show IAA in Frankfurt, will realise that this year, there are far more interested visitors to the Convention Centre in Frankfurt than at the last Motor Show two years ago.

At the IAA in Frankfurt this year, many of the leading automobile manufacturers are presenting their new cars and are dealing with the theme “electric car” as well as with the trends and innovations in the world of the automobile industry and electric vehicles. This could be one of the reasons for the increasing number of visitors.

425 000 visitors in five days

According to the organizers, in the first five days of the exhibition 425,000 visitors attended the International Motor Show 2011. According to the VDA this represents significantly more than in 2009. This year the exhibition area is about 235,000 square meters, which is 40,000 square meters more than in 2009.

800,000 visitors is far exceeded

The VDA President Matthias Wissmann said that the number of 800,000 visitors at the IAA in 2011 has apparently been far exceeded. That would be more visitors than in the crisis year of  two years ago.

At that time, nearly one million visitors came to Frankfurt at the IAA. The fair this year runs until next Sunday.

More than 200 new models

For the visitors at the IAA 2011, a total of over 200 new models are available for test drives. Thus, visitors can move for free through Frankfurt with many new cars in order to test them. Among the crowd pullers are likely to be the new Porsche 911 and the Up, the new city car from Volkswagen. In addition, there are a number of studies in the area of electric propulsion. Thus, for example, the company Ford presents at this show its study on the subject “E-Bike”.

Artega from Delbrück presented the SE at the IAA in Frankfurt. Two electric motors housed on the rear axle together provide 280 kW / 380 hp for propulsion and transmits power independently of each other on one of the two rear wheels. The sprint from zero to 100 for the Artega SE was completed in 4.3 seconds, faster than half a second for the Artega GT with a combustion engine. The top speed is at least 250 km / h. VW presents its study VW Nils.

The company Jetcar Zukunftsfahrzeug GmbH presents its newly-developed electric car Jetcar Electro. The small electric runabout where you sit as a pilot in the middle of the vehicle, offers a range of about 250 kilometres on one charge.

Several projects use electrical insulation, gaskets and thermal management of the company Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH

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