Ultem-Folien als 3D-Druck-Material

3D Formteile

Ultem-Folien als 3D-Druck-Material

Ultem film is ideal as a printing plate for 3D printing

The company Dr. Müller GmbH, a supplier of electrical insulation materials, heat-conducting products and seals, based in Ahlhorn, continues to be active as a distributor of high-performance Ultem films for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Ultem foils are manufactured using the proven Ultem resin technology from Sabic Innovative Materials. The film has excellent thermal properties, good chemical resistance and excellent dimensional stability.

The new film is ideally suited as a printing plate for 3D printing, as a base material for label and adhesive tape applications, as an insulating material in electrical applications, as a membrane film in loudspeaker applications and as a base material for printed circuit boards. The film is also used in battery and fuel cell applications.

The material can be heat sealed and laminated, and can be metallized using conventional methods such as direct metal sputtering, electroplating or direct lamination.

Furthermore, the film can be shaped into the desired contours using conventional punching and cutting technologies as well as the various deep-drawing processes.

The electrical and electronics industry, the automotive industry and the printing industry are addressed as customer groups.

Since the Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH is recognized as a UL recognized repackager, the materials processed by us do not lose their UL approval


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