FRP-profiles for different fields of application

GFK-Profile für verschiedene Anwendungsgebiete

FRP-profiles for different fields of application

Ahlhorn | 12.03.2012

An extensive range of different GRP standard profiles allows the use in many fields of application. The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH supplies in its main focus profiles which are used as insulation profiles in all areas of electrical engineering.

Reinforcement of FRP profiles

Basically, all GRP profiles are transversely reinforced by glass fibre mats. Longitudinal forces are absorbed by rovings (unidirectional glass fibres), which are arranged in the core of the profiles. For improved UV and weather resistance, the profiles are equipped with a surface fleece.

Manufacturing process for FRP profiles: Pultrusion

The pultrusion process is a continuous manufacturing process in which reinforcing fibres (in our case mainly glass fibres) are impregnated with a thermosetting resin. Polyester and epoxy resin systems are used as resin systems in our production.

The glass fibres impregnated in the resin are fed to the heated tool according to the profile geometry. Curing takes place in the tool.

The GRP profile is continuously pulled through the tool with a haul-off and cut to size with a saw.

Tools for the production of FRP-profiles

You can see from our table sheets which tools we have already produced. New tools are constantly being added. So if you need other dimensions, please send us an inquiry.

Applications for FRP profiles

Electrical engineering:

  • Slot closing wedges,
  • Groove head inserts,
  • Brackets,
  • Bandage rings,
  • Holding blocks,
  • Strips

Transformer construction:

  • Strips,
  • Cooling ducts,
  • Tie rods,
  • Supports,
  • Covers,
  • Air gap,
  • Coil body

Switch construction:

  • Switch rods,
  • Tie rods,
  • Push rods,
  • Distance,
  • Fastening elements

General electrical engineering

  • Terminal blocks,
  • Antenna masts,
  • Brush holder

Peel ply

It is also possible to roughen the surface of the GRP profiles with a peel ply in order to increase the bondability.

Machined parts from FRP profiles

Of course you can also buy machined parts made of FRP profiles from us. These can then be used as ready-to-install insulating parts.

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