High temperature resistant labels for the most demanding applications

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High temperature resistant labels for the most demanding applications

Alpine horn | 05.02.2017

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH has developed a new high temperature resistant label material based on a white coated polyimide film.   The adhesive system is a permanent, age-resistant acrylic adhesive.   This new material is an ideal solution for marking with barcodes in printed circuit boards as well as in the production of assemblies.

The material is solvent-resistant and solder bath proof, there are no problems with fluxes and cleaners.

The good temperature resistance up to 270°C is sufficient for the short period of time required for the reflow, infrared or hot-air soldering process.

All common thermal transfer printing systems can be used for printing, such as Zebra, Intermec, Sato, Printronix, Nec, Datamax or Brady. Sony TR6070 transfer ribbons are recommended for printing.

The product is ROHS compliant.

The product is available in 0.025 mm and 0.05 mm thickness.


  • general marking
  • Printed circuit boards on the solder side before and after the soldering process
  • Barcode printing

With the new products the highest point densities can be achieved.

  • dpi (dots per inch),
  • ppi (pixel per inch),
  • lpi (lines per inch)

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