The future of belektro: electrical, digital and building technology in the spotlight


The future of belektro: electrical, digital and building technology in the spotlight

Berlin, November 5th to 7th, 2024 - The belektro trade fair, as a long-standing meeting place for electrical professionals, is heading towards the future and promises an outstanding event that has proven itself for decades. In 2024, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, belektro will open its doors to present a wider range of topics and the latest trends in electrical, digital and building technology. In addition to the traditional focal points, the trade fair will for the first time cover the topics of heating, air conditioning and sanitation.

In every hall of the event site under the radio tower, both exhibitors and visitors can experience the entire spectrum of networked building technology. From electrical engineering and electronics, light and lighting, to building technology, security systems and innovative energy technologies, belektro will cover all relevant aspects of the industry. Electromobility, an increasingly important topic, will also be present, with charging systems and infrastructure, battery technology and funding opportunities taking center stage.

The future has already arrived in Berlin, and Smart Home and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) are here to shape it. Home automation, smart metering, household appliance automation and networked security technology promise a more comfortable and safer life. These technologies are particularly relevant in our aging society and are supplemented by age-appropriate assistance systems for a self-determined life.

Innovative energy technologies play a key role in shaping a more sustainable future. Solar and energy optimization technologies, plumbing and heating technology, heat pumps, heat recovery and ventilation technology offer solutions that minimize our environmental impact.

Distributed energy generation will also be a focus as it redefines the future of energy supply and distribution. In times of climate change and energy efficiency, such technologies are crucial.

Information technology plays a key role in modern electrical and building technology. Innovative network technology and electrical automation software are essential to develop advanced solutions.

belektro 2024 will also focus on the discussion about energy efficiency and services. Systems, technologies and perspectives for a more sustainable future are discussed here, and service providers, authorities, institutions and associations present their expertise.

belektro promises to illuminate electrical, digital and building technology in all its facets and to inspire visitors with the latest innovations and technologies. With an expanded range of topics and an excellent selection of exhibitors, belektro remains a must for electrical professionals and technology enthusiasts alike.

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