moisture absorption

Under general atmospheric conditions of 50% relative humidity (RH), APTIV 1000 film shows low moisture absorption. As a result, APTIV 1000 Film exhibits stable mechanical, dielectric and dimensional properties.

tensile modulus

APTIV 1000 film has an excellent tensile modulus. By using the mineral-filled APTIV types, further improved mechanical properties can be achieved if required.

resistance to hydrolysis

APTIV 1000 film demonstrates exceptional stability of mechanical properties when exposed to high temperature and high humidity environment. This results in excellent retention and minimal variability in the mechanical performance of the end product.

radiation resistance

VICTREX PEEK polymer exhibits excellent radiation resistance considering the gamma-radiation oxidative dose above which significant deterioration in flexural properties begins.

puncture resistance

Both APTIV 1000 and 2000 film grades demonstrate excellent puncture resistance compared to other high temperature polymers.

Dynamic coefficient of friction

APTIV 1000 film has a very good low dynamic coefficient of friction compared to other engineering polymers, making it an ideal choice for wear applications. APTIV 1000 Film combines very low particle generation with excellent abrasion resistance.

tear strength

APTIV 1000 film has excellent tear strength properties that combine strength from the crystalline phase and ductility from the amorphous phase.

Abrasion resistance

APTIV 1000 film has excellent abrasion resistance. The graph below shows the very low wear rate of APTIV 1000 under abrasive loads compared to other films.

gas permeation

APTIV 1000 film has very good resistance to gas permeation including oxygen and water vapor. It can also be metallised or coated with another suitable barrier material to further reduce gas permeability if required.

dielectric strength

APTIV 1000 foil has very good dielectric strength properties that allow it to be used in a wide variety of electrical insulation applications.

dielectric constant

APTIV 1000 has very good dielectric properties for use in electrically insulating applications.

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